11/11 Double Token Kind of Day

Ruakaka River to Ruakaka Holiday Park

1.5 k

There was one point in the night where I woke up, disoriented, certain the ocean was filling our camping crater- this possibility had occurred to me last night when I saw the floor of the crater littered with sea shells, although of course I realized there was no physical way for the water to enter. The gusting ebb and flow of the wind was so loud, it mimicked the sound of the ocean surf as if it were to top the edge. Rain came and went in sporadic bursts, but the sand drained it immediately. Once I realized we weren’t about to be washed away, it was a comfortable night.

Low tide is at 8:00, so we break camp earlier than we want to given the lateness of the night before. The Ruakaka crossing is no problem, thigh deep for several steps.

Bro is pretty far behind us, which of course lends the perfect opportunity for Prana to act like the river is deeper than it is.

We arrive at the Holiday Park, and Courtney is awesome. They offer a hiker deal on cabins that is cheaper than other parks’ tent camping, and she lets us check in immediately. And doubles our allotment of shower tokens. Fo free. Oh, heaven. We shower, we do laundry, we go in search of weggies. The best we can come up with is beetroot and carrot hummus, apples and bananas from the dairy on the other side of the block, but it will do. We shower. We launder. We nap. We lounge. We do all the things that make a layover day good. One wheel keeps failing in its support of the bed, dropping one corner in a startling clunk, so we just remove all of the wheels.

Dinner is Indian food, mostly because of the vegetable-rich option. The acquisition is a 2 hour series of headaches, but it tastes fantastic.

We go to bed and read late into the night.

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