CDT 2021

En Route

Day 1: Embarkation

Day 2: Big Hatchet

Day 3: Heat and Friction

Day 4 : The Right Yucca is Just Enough

Day 5: Holes and Hydrography

Day 6: Burritos and Blisters

Day 7: Big Bull and Little Burro

Day 8: Burro Mountain Homestead

Day 9: Luck and Compromise

Day 10: Saddle Rocks and Fireball

Day 11: Porch Perfect Timing

Day 12: Fancy Foot Work and a Space-Time Coincidence

Day 13: The Music of Windmills and Coyotes

Day 14: Headed for Ten Thousand

Day 15: Saving Grace of Sapillo Creek

Day 16: The Canyons or The Crest?