CDT 2021

New Mexico

Day 1: Embarkation
Day 2: Big Hatchet
Day 3: Heat and Friction
Day 4 : The Right Yucca is Just Enough
Day 5: Holes and Hydrography
Day 6: Burritos and Blisters
Day 7: Big Bull and Little Burro
Day 8: Burro Mountain Homestead
Day 9: Luck and Compromise
Day 10: Saddle Rocks and Fireball
Day 11: Porch Perfect Timing
Day 12: Fancy Foot Work and a Space-Time Coincidence
Day 13: The Music of Windmills and Coyotes
Day 14: Headed for Ten Thousand
Day 15: Saving Grace of Sapillo Creek
Day 16: The Canyons or The Crest?
Day 17: Black Canyon
Day 18: Out of the Aldo
Day 19 Cache Rich
Day 20: The Grim Seeper
Day 21: The Magic of Music
Day 22: Fully Out In It
Day 23: Land-Locked
Day 24: The Spell Is Broken
Day 25: Land-Ship of Hospitality
Day 26: Relative Ease
Day 27: Was It All Just A Fever Dream?
Day 28: 3 Miles Beyond the Top of The World
Day 29: A Day Of Pies and Farriers
Day 30: A Celebration
Day 31: The Secret to Life is Lard…and Friends…and Mallort?
Day 32: Chain of Craters
Day 33: Never Boring with my Darling
Day 34: El Malpais – Not So Mal
Day 35: The World Below
Day 36: The Despair of Grants
Day 37: Escape from Grants
Day 38: A Volcano for Breakfast
Day 39: Los Indios Cañon
Day 40: Sandstone Delight
Day 41: Unspeakably Perfect Miracles
Day 42: Half-Day In the Right Badlands
Day 43: Coming Up Short
Day 44: Teleportation
Day 45: Strangely Optimistic
Day 46: A Real River and it’s Magical Canyon
Day 47: Starfish and Elephants
Day 48: Tranquility
Day 49: Fir Cathedral at Rio Vallecito
Day 50: To Embrace the Journey
Day 51: I Spy, on the Horizon…
Day 52: So Long, New Mexico


Day 53: Into the San Juans
Day 54: The Solace of South Faces
Day 55: The Glissades
Day 56: In the Heart
Day 57: Wolf Creek Pass
Day 58: The Effluent of The Affluent
Day 59: Ben-Yay For Another Zero!