11/21 Layover in Auckland, Act I

0 km

The bed in this townhouse is possibly the most comfortable on trail.

Prana and I spend the whole morning chatting with Parker, throw in some laundry, take another shower, and go hunt up a late lunch. We collect our resupply for the next 6 days while we are out and about, as well as more sandfly repellant. I wonder if all the evil creatures in Lord of the Rings are actually metaphorically based on sandflies? On the way home we pass a place selling bonsai versions on New Zealand’s native trees- holy cow! Would these make through customs on the way home? If so, these are what everyone is getting for a Christmas present (spoiler alert!).

Prana and Bro work zealously on the crossword, I write. We all convene for pizza ordered in and planning at the ungodly late hiker hour of 8:30. Part of why it’s so late? Bro and Prana took a break from their puzzling to fill a chalkboard with mathematical formulae- they came up with an equation that solved for X, where X= the most economical square inch of Pie, and ran every pizza joint within a half hour’s free delivery through it. Sal’s New York Style won. It’s suitably large and veggie rich when it arrives.

Where did this day go?! I am thankful we have more than one layover day here.

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