Well, beloved friends, this post should come as self-evident, ha! As the demands of the hike increased, I ran completely out of time, energy, creative juice, and focus to continue blogging at the quality I wanted to. Prana and I are still on trail- still with connected footsteps, still heading north. We pulled a big reroute plan where fires closed a large section of Idaho’s CDT, and are on a mini-sub-adventure around the east and north sides of Yellowstone, through the Spanish Peaks and Tobacco Route mountains, and will rejoin the official CDT around Butte, Montana before gunning for the Bob Marshal Wilderness, Glacier National Park, and the finish line at the Canadian Border.

As much joy, encouragement, and inspiration as I’ve drawn from people’s kind comments and support in response to posts here, the long physical days and constant pain management required something had to give, and sadly, it was the in-real-time-ness of the blog. However, I am still keeping notes, taking lots of pictures, and fully intend to resume posting when we come off the trail in October. After a few days of blissful non-motivation, I will post two entries a day until the blog is caught up to whatever our end is.

Until then, thanks to all who have been reading, following, cheering, sending words of encouragment, and sending messages via various medium when they grew concerned with the radio silcence here.  Do your best rain-dances to quell the fires, cross your fingers that northern winter doesn’t arrive before October, keep in touch even if you don’t get a reply in a timely manner, and either start checking back here around October 5th or sign up to receive emails of new posts, or both!

Love: Haiku and Mountain Prana

July 9th – dinner on Gray’s Peak, highest point of CDT at 14,278 feet. all downhill from here, right?

4 thoughts on “Intermission

  1. Hi Molly!! This just popped up on my feed and I was so happy to read it and learn about what your doing! Looking forward to reading more in October. I would love to see you if your ever in the east coast! Take care!


  2. flourishingdandelion

    I’m SO glad you are prioritizing self care! I look forward to reading about the rest of your adventures, but I can wait. I’ll settle for hearing about them in person too 😉😘


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