10/20 90 Mile Beach

A wonderful day, full of wind, blowing sand, and the energizing power of the ocean. An elegant and adventurous line of boardwalks and stairs lead from our penthouse campsite to the beach.

Then, the infamous beach walk begins.

The sand is lovely and hard packed, and gorgeously clean of both man made trash and rotting ocean flotsam. I walk in bare feet for half the day.

Since the beach and waves maintain a constant backdrop, a visual white noise, the minutiae become vibrant.

pc: Prana

At a lunch stop Prana was expertly bombed by a seagull with a grudge- full splatter, across the shirt and pack. Luckily, it missed the apple slice en route to Prana’s mouth, and the open jar of peanut butter.

We arrive at our intended camp much earlier than planned, a grassy area up in the dunes with a shelter from the wind, a piped spring, and a jungle of yellow snap-dragon-esque flowering bushes. We set up along what appears to be a wild horse track, and sure enough, Parker sees a horse peering down at us at twilight.

3 thoughts on “10/20 90 Mile Beach

  1. Annie

    I so Love reading your stories and I’m really enjoying the regular posts! I understand that it might be hard to keep up, but that won’t stop me from checking back daily. I’m so glad you’re having a wonderful adventure, and that I can hear your voice when I read your stories! Happy adventuring! 💛


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